“I want to make people feel beautiful”

I have always thought that the face was just like a bare canvas. Just like an artist who applies paint on canvas, a makeup artist applies foundation to the face. My philosophy is when doing this I always keep this canvas as simple as possible. This does not mean lifeless makeup but instead I like to enhance one’s best features but also keep it real at the same time. Every makeup artist has their own style and my signature style is flawless skin. I’ve always dreaded masking one’s true identity under layers of foundation, after all doesn’t beauty come from with in………

Having studied at the acclaimed Glauca Rossi’s school of makeup in London, I have fallen in love with the fashion world and the images that it brings. Being a former MAC artist, being mentored by renowed makeup artist Glauca Rossi , and also working with photographers and stylists in London and Sydney have given me the dedication and inspiration in this form of art.

Jenny is a professional freelance makeup artist for the fashion and beauty industry based in Sydney Australia. She has over 8 years experience and her work has been featured in Australia’s Next Top Model, Noise Magazine, Poster Magazine and Studio Bride Magazine.